What Is A Retail Nursery?

A retail nursery refers to a place where plants are grown or propagated to a certain age for purposes of selling them to individuals. Some retail nurseries choose to buy plants from wholesale nurseries for resale to their customers. How a Retail Nursery Operates A number of retail nurseries are growers, meaning they plant and nurture their own … Read more

Four Helpful Tips for a Trouble-Free Hardscaping Installation

Increase your home’s outside living space with hardscaping. Even though a hardscaping project is just a few square feet in size, the planning and implementation process may take months, depending on the complexity. Regardless, putting money into an outdoor living system requires careful consideration and forethought. If you’re considering a hardscaping installation, the following steps … Read more

Installing a Hard Shell Pond Liner

A rigid pond liner takes the guesswork out of creating a backyard pond, providing a preformed shape with shelves at suitable depths for submerged and marginal plants. This detailed guide from LowCo Gardeners will come in handy. Select a level, sunny site near a water source. Level sites avoid runoff from higher elevations, and sunlight helps prevent … Read more

Common Lawn Sprinkler Repair Problems

A lawn sprinkler system helps you have a healthy, lush garden all year round. Unfortunately, due to the many and varied outdoor life stresses upon it, it becomes less efficient and may eventually fail altogether. Below are some common repair issues to look out for and resolve before it’s too late. Leaky sprinkler You require lawn sprinkler repair if … Read more

4 Great Hardscaping Ideas for Your Backyard

Are you feeling dissatisfied with the state of your garden? Is your yard providing the tranquility you so much need after a long tiresome day? It’s also possible that all you yearn for is an entertaining outdoor space with endless beauty. You can get all these by combining nature’s creation with a taste of artificial … Read more

4 Important Reasons for Landscape Maintenance

Installing a landscape and ensuring it looks great takes time, money, and effort. It’s crucial to follow through with regular maintenance. It not only results in a healthy and beautiful outdoor space but also gets rid of weeds and overgrowth. Here are more reasons why landscape maintenance is important. 1. Enhances curb appeal  Proper landscape … Read more

Irrigation Installation and Repair Advice

Do you already have an irrigation system installed and need it repaired? Or perhaps you are thinking about getting an irrigation system and aren’t sure what the installation process looks like.  This guide walks you through tips on installing or repairing irrigation systems. Installing Irrigation Systems Installation of an irrigation system should be left to … Read more