Keep Your Landscaping Healthy With Strategic Irrigation

Effective watering is key to landscape success.  Understanding and addressing the specific, seasonal watering needs for plants, grasses, trees and shrubs will ensure optimal growth and longevity.  Applying either too much or too little water can have dire consequences.  What’s more, landscape watering consumes a valuable natural resource and can be a significant expense.  Strategic irrigation installation and maintenance will not only ensure the performance of your landscape, it will also save you money.  Experienced in landscaping design and installation, LowCo Gardeners brings expert knowledge to landscape irrigation installation, repair and maintenance.


Irrigation System Installation

Not only does smart irrigation ensure ideal plant growth, it also protects your wallet.  Watering costs can be significant, but with proper planning and equipment you can afford a lush and beautiful lawn and garden.  LowCo Gardeners‘ irrigation installation services are designed to optimize water usage and customize water application to your specific landscape elements.

Our services include:

  • professional lawn sprinkler system design and installation
  • the installation of drip line irrigation systems for flower beds
  • adding drip lines to support planters and pots
  • automated smart irrigation system installation and setup
  • customer education on system use and maintenance

Irrigation System Repair and Maintenance

Irrigation system damage and malfunctions have costly consequences.  When water does not reach its intended target, plants, grass, shrubs and trees become stressed and sickly and may quickly die.  Broken lines and leaky valves drive up water bills and waste our natural resources.  In the winter, these leaks can produce icy spots and become potential slipping hazards.  It’s important to keep your irrigation system operating as intended.

With fully trained and licensed technicians, you can count on LowCo Gardeners for dependable irrigation repair and maintenance work, including:

  • lawn sprinkler repair
  • drip line repair
  • valve repair
  • system winterization and spring activation
  • back-flow preventer testing
  • emergency repair
  • system analysis, adjustment and optimization

Smart, effective irrigation is imperative for landscape success.  It conserves water, saves money, protects the investment and promotes mother nature’s potential.   A proven and experienced landscape installer, LowCo Gardeners brings valuable knowledge to irrigation maintenance, repair and installation.  Ready to reach the full potential of your landscape? Contact us today.

Drainage Solutions Customized for You


LowCo Gardeners offers innovative irrigation drainage solutions for gardeners looking to optimize their watering practices. With our expertise in sustainable landscaping, we understand the importance of efficient water management to promote healthy plant growth while conserving resources. Our drainage solutions are designed to prevent waterlogging and soil erosion, ensuring optimal moisture levels for your garden. By incorporating advanced techniques such as sub-surface drainage systems, rainwater harvesting, and strategic slope grading, we can help you achieve a balanced and sustainable irrigation system. Whether you have a small backyard garden or a large-scale landscaping project, LowCo Gardeners provides tailored solutions that prioritize both the health of your plants and the environment. Say goodbye to water-related gardening woes and embrace a greener, more efficient approach with our irrigation drainage solutions.