Seasonal Gardening: What to Plant Throughout the Year with LowCo

At LowCo Gardeners, we understand the importance of seasonal gardening. Knowing what to plant and when is crucial for a thriving garden that blossoms year-round. This guide will walk you through the best plants to grow each season, ensuring a vibrant and healthy garden.

Seasonal Gardening: What to Plant Throughout the Year with LowCo

Spring: A Time for New Beginnings

Early Blooms to Kickstart the Season

Spring is the perfect time to plant early bloomers like tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths. These flowers bring the first splash of color to your garden after the winter months.

Vegetables to Start in Spring

For vegetable gardens, this is the time to plant lettuce, peas, and radishes. These cool-weather crops will give you a head start before the summer heat sets in.

Summer: Full Sun and Vibrant Colors

Flowering Plants for Summer Beauty

Summer is all about vibrant colors. Plant petunias, marigolds, and zinnias for a burst of color. These sun-loving flowers thrive in the heat and brighten any garden space.

Vegetables for a Summer Harvest

Tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers are ideal for planting in early summer. They require more warmth and will be ready to harvest in late summer.

Fall: Preparing for the Cooler Months

Autumn Flowers and Foliage

As the weather cools, it’s time to plant chrysanthemums and pansies. These flowers can handle the cooler temperatures and keep your garden colorful.

Planting for a Fall Harvest

Root vegetables like carrots and beets, as well as leafy greens like kale and spinach, are perfect for fall planting. They thrive in cooler weather and can be harvested in late fall.

Winter: Planning and Preparation

Winter-Resistant Plants

While winter is a quieter time for gardening, some plants like evergreens and winterberry can withstand the cold and add life to your garden.

Indoor Gardening and Preparation

This is also a great time for indoor gardening with herbs like basil and mint. Additionally, use this time to plan your garden for the coming year and prepare your soil.

Year-Round Gardening Tips

Understanding Your Climate Zone

It’s important to understand your local climate zone to choose the right plants. LowCo Gardeners can help you select plants that will thrive in your specific area.

Soil Preparation and Maintenance

Good soil is the foundation of a successful garden. Regularly enrich your soil with compost and organic matter for the best results.

Why Choose LowCo Gardeners

Expertise and Quality Selection

At LowCo Gardeners, we pride ourselves on our expertise and quality selection of plants. Our knowledgeable staff can guide you in choosing the best plants for each season.

Supporting Local Growers

By choosing us, you’re also supporting local growers. We source our plants from skilled, local professionals, ensuring that you get the best quality while supporting the community.

Seasonal gardening is a rewarding experience that keeps your garden lively and beautiful all year round. With the right knowledge and the quality selection at LowCo Gardeners, you can enjoy a flourishing garden in every season. Visit us to find the perfect plants for your garden and benefit from our expert advice.

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