Common Lawn Sprinkler Repair Problems

A lawn sprinkler system helps you have a healthy, lush garden all year round. Unfortunately, due to the many and varied outdoor life stresses upon it, it becomes less efficient and may eventually fail altogether. Below are some common repair issues to look out for and resolve before it’s too late.

Common Lawn Sprinkler Repair Problems

Leaky sprinkler

You require lawn sprinkler repair if you notice puddles of water on your driveway, grass, or sidewalk whenever you turn on your system. In such cases, other lawn parts are always left dry. The uneven watering could mean clogged filters, faulty/ broken control valves, or a worn-out sprinkler seal. Left unchecked, leaks increase your water bill and affect the health of your landscape.

Not watering

When your sprinkler is either not watering your landscape at all or does so in patches, it points to one or several issues. A simple reason would be that the timer has not been set. More complex causes that may need professional help include a blown fuse, a faulty controller, clogged filters, or poor wiring connections at the valve.

Pop up failure

Your sprinkler system probably has retractable heads dotting your lawn. These should pop up immediately when you turn on your system and retract soon after watering to avoid tripping accidents. If some or all of them don’t pop up, it could be that a relay is damaged, there’s a mechanical failure in the head’s mechanism, or the controller could be working sub-optimally.

Coughing or sputtering sprinkler heads

If your sprinkler is making unusual noises while spraying off-target, chances are that the valves are spoilt, there are cracks in the heads, or pressure problems could be the culprit.

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