5 Warning Signs You Need a Sprinkler System Repair

Your sprinkler system may help keep your grass and garden healthy and vibrant. Some lawn and landscape issues may arise and expensive water waste when the sprinkler system is ineffective. You would think that sprinkler system maintenance is apparent, but certain indicators might be a little more evident. If any of these signs are present, your irrigation system may need repair.

5 Warning Signs You Need a Sprinkler System Repair

1. Inconsistency in Watering

Inconsistent sprinkler watering may be seen in various ways, including standing water in lawns and gardens, wet sidewalks and roads, and dry or brown spots. A blocked sprinkler head or a leaking valve might be at fault, or the sprinkler system could malfunction and need a fix.

2. Having Low or High Pressure

Under or over-pressurization of your system might be an issue. In most cases, a blockage in the system’s pipes is to blame for this problem. Two possible outcomes are infiltrating tree roots and weakening their capacity to provide you with enough water pressure.

3. Sputtering Heads

It is also necessary to check the direction of the sprinkler head sprays. Sprinkler heads may be seen spraying away from their intended path. If this occurs, you should check to see if the water pressure is low. Sputtering heads may also occur because of crack development. You should monitor the pop-up heads to know whether they’re working correctly.

4. Control Valves That Drip

The valve is responsible for delivering the proper amount of water to each region of your yard. Valve drips and leaks are infrequent occurrences. Damp spots near pressure regulators and filters signify that something is amiss. You cannot ignore these drips. Check the equipment for dirt, grass clippings, mildew, and bubbles.

5. The Cost of the Water bill is too high.

Check out your sprinklers if you see an increase in your water bill and haven’t made any changes to your water use. Your water bill will reflect any leaks or drips that occur without your notice. You should get your sprinklers examined as soon as possible by a sprinkler repair professional.

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